Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 14th Update

Thank you to all of those who faithfully check this site for updates! We apologize for neglecting to post, the start of school and three kids in soccer has kept us from being overly reflective. However, the time for little Braden to make his grand entrance is quickly approaching. We can't believe we are looking at meeting him in just 2 months time. Staying busy has been beneficial as it keeps us from obsessing about things we just can't control.

Earlier in September, I failed to pass my glucose tolerance test (by a very small margin, I might add). That meant having to take the three hour test and 4 more blood draws. I am not a fan of needles or having blood work done so this was not a happy time for me. Thankfully the results came back within acceptable range and I do not have gestational diabetes. I appreciate all of you that were praying for a good report.

On September 12, Darth and I went to Seattle for all of our UW and Children's appointments compressed into one day. The two facilities have been so gracious to work with us and make this time as convenient as possible.

We started our appointments at the UW Hospital, with an ultrasound. This time the sonographer only looked at certain things to assess growth, which looked good. Darth and I had a tour of Labor and Delivery following the ultrasound. It was helpful to get an idea of where the induction will take place and familiarize ourselves with the facility. We were able to ask questions about where Braden would receive his stabilizing treatments and other questions that have come up since our last visit.

After lunch, we met with the OB that will deliver Braden. She was pleased with his growth and the overall health of my pregnancy. The doctor did express concern, however, about a slight excess of amniotic fluid, which was evident on the ultrasound. This has prompted her to request bi-monthly ultrasounds and non-stress tests, some in Wenatchee and then again in October back at the UW. We are trying not to be concerned by every new finding and are reminding ourselves that this pregnancy is under the microscope more than any of our other three. Still, we would love to come home and not have another new thing to worry about. Please pray for us to walk in faith every day that the Lord knows what He is doing and He has the details under control! We know it in our heads but our emotions keep getting in the way!

Next we moved on to Children's. Can I just say how wonderful it has been to work with people there? Amazing! We have been blessed to work with compassionate doctors and nurses who are showing the love of God whether they know it or not. There was another fetal echo cardiogram and consult with a cardiology specialist. This test showed that the heart has good symmetry and function, despite the defects. Darth and I were able to ask more specific questions about surgery, housing, etc. and we were given straight-forward, helpful answers. It was a good balance to the concerns raised by the ultrasound. We left Children's feeling optimistic and relieved, especially since a watch had been placed on the right ventricle at our August appointment. The cardiologist was not concerned by its size on this visit.

Here are some specific things to pray for:
  • That the extra amniotic fluid would not be a sign of another health problem or syndrome
  • Peace over our home and children during these remaining weeks, as well as into November with Braden's birth, surgery, and recovery
  • Health for our family, now and after Braden is born
  • Financial wisdom and provision
  • That Darth and I would stand on the Word of God and not give in to worry about things that are out of our control

With frequent appointments, we will be able to keep you up to date more often. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.