Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Good News

On Thursday May 21, Braden had another physical therapy session. The PT was very impressed with how well he was doing with his fine and gross motor development. Braden is sitting independently now, doing amazingly well with balance, toppling over periodically when reaching for a toy. During the appointment the PT said that skill, sitting without support, puts baby Braden right at age-appropriate development, even a bit ahead! (I hadn't even realized he could balance by himself until the girls had pointed it out to me a few days earlier. Way to go mom!) Braden doesn't have to see the PT every month now. She will just check in, see if we have any concerns, and then take it from there. (happy sigh...)

Braden has been off heart meds for nearly two weeks. He had an appointment today for a non-heart related issue, but I asked the pediatrician to check for any concerns that might show a negative reaction to being off the diuretics. None! His weight was 13 lbs. 4 oz. We go back in a month for another check, but other than that it looks like our calendar won't be full of doctor appointments anymore. No tears shed on that point. We are quickly approaching the end of the school year and all the fun and busyness that follows. We treasure every day. God is good.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebration Time, Come On!

Well, today was Braden's cardiology check-up. To get right to the point, it was the shortest appointment we have had for him EVER. After the normal check-in by the nurse, the doctor came in, listened to his heart and said it sounded "boring"! (Boring is good.) No echo or EKG needed today. Braden doesn't have to be seen again for six months AND gets to discontinue his medications. Wah-hoo! The chest x-ray showed the diaphragm still slightly elevated beyond normal, but lung expansion was good, no signs of decompression.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. Thank you for your healing touch on our precious boy. We praise your Name! All glory to Jesus! Our hearts are full of gratitude and tomorrow, as we celebrate our youngest daughter's sixth birthday with our family members, we will be celebrating LIFE and the goodness of God. There's a party goin' on right here. . . !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Six Month Check-up

Braden had his 6 month check up yesterday. This had been his longest stretch of time between appointments and I was eager to know his weight. He was 12 lbs. 10 oz. and I have to admit to being surprised and initially disappointed. (I really need to quit asking other people how much their baby weighs. Duh, they are ALL bigger and heavier and Braden's "normal" is just that, Braden's! Asking just causes me to compare him and feel anxious about something I really don't need to worry about.) I guess I just am concerned that the nursing is too hard for him and burning off too many calories or that he needs a higher caloric intake or more fluids. I was all ready to head to "guilt land" and the good doctor helped me ground myself with reality. I am so grateful for a pediatrician who loves the Lord. He was so reassuring about Braden's growth, noting his bright eyes and inquisitive manner. He showed me that baby Braden's weight gain is following the curve, it's just underneath it! His length, however, was actually in the 19th percentile and his head was somewhere in that area too. So, overall great appointment, Braden took his shots like a trooper and that was that. We just keep on keeping on!

Mother's Day was a treat, celebrating with my wonderful husband and FOUR kids. We ate out at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then I opened sweet cards and gifts from all. (Braden is a great little shopper! ) It was an emotional day as a mommy to count my blessings, especially the little baby boy one.

Braden started cereal last week and isn't too wild about it, gags on it actually. Watching him eat is great big sister entertainment, by the way. Who needs TV?! He has also started something that we affectionately call his "war cry". It is like he has discovered he has a big voice and can make a BIG noise that is louder than all the other noises put together. Its really hideous, kind of a grating half shriek, half yell. If you're lucky, you may even get to hear it for yourself. Hopefully not during prayer time during church service, but maybe!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Update

May is finally here. Braden turns 6 months old this upcoming Friday. He is turning into a roly-poly with gotta-pinch-'em cheeks. I can't believe a tooth hasn't pushed through yet. He is working hard and really taking teething like a little man.

The girls have each taken a turn dressing Braden lately, with a lot of mommy supervision, and it is hilarious. I should hope they appreciate my baby dressing skills after trying to get clothes on their wiggly brother. It is good entertainment for sisters and brother because they giggle their way through it and he just can't get enough of watching them. So sweet.

Braden went to his first Apple Blossom parade on Saturday. He did great but was unimpressed overall. His teething toys were more interesting and he even took a cat nap. I had placed ear plugs in his ears so the noise didn't bother him. He did look especially cute in his Mariners baseball cap. Another successful family outing.

His first over the phone pacemaker check is coming up in mid-May. It is so easy to forget he has a pacemaker. It hit me again right out of the blue the other day and I found myself struggling with trust and acceptance of God's plan over mine. The whole pacer issue still doesn't make sense but I know Christ is so in control of this crazy life thing. Braden is just so little to have a pacemaker for heaven's sake! BUT, we continue to pray that his heart will begin to function again without the unit and will continue to do so until Jesus tells us otherwise! Please pray with us about this. Our girls pray with sincere hearts every night for their brother to not need his pacemaker anymore. It is a beautiful thing, the faith of a child, the faith God wants me to have and I fight against with my "reasons". If anything this experience has done for our family, it is definitely a much bigger understanding of the goodness of God and that we can trust Him. Even just this week He came through once again in providing the exact amount of money we needed for a repair on our heat pump. Amazing!