Saturday, September 5, 2009


Braden is turning 10 months old in just days---so much to report! He started crawling several weeks ago and is super proud of himself. FREEDOM!!!! He is eating finger foods and enjoys them much better than yucky baby food. Currently Braden weighs somewhere between 16-17 pounds, continuing to be on the small side weight-wise, but comes in more on the average side in the length category. Just this past week, he has been pulling himself up on EVERYTHING, actually getting "stuck" standing in his crib, crying, because he should actually be sleeping. "How do I get down?!" Teeth! The bottom two are in and the top ones should be breaking through any time. "The better to bite you with, my dear . . . "

Personality wise, Braden is still a happy camper, quick to smile and laugh, very content and mellow. He is such an easy baby. Right now we are working with him on sleeping through the night and he is showing great tenacity for how long he will fight to wear us down. We are confident he will get it, but we miss sleep. At least I think we do . . . I seem to remember feeling rested at some point in my life . . .

A sad first to report: Braden got his first bee sting several weeks ago. He was in his stroller and all we can figure out is the bee landed on the stroller tray and Braden grabbed it. The bee was gone, but the stinger still in. SAD!!!! No allergic reaction though, thankfully. His finger got pretty swollen, but even with the discomfort I was amazed at how he "took it like a (little) man". What a trooper!

This summer Braden went to the beach, the water park, the water slides, both grandparents' houses, Orcas Island, my brother's wedding, a petting farm, and Leavenworth. It was a "let's stay close to home and do little short trips" kind of summer. We enjoyed celebrating life together as a family of six, all the while being especially thankful for our healthy, thriving baby boy.

As we approach the fall, we are gearing up for how to keep the family and specifically little guy healthy. Looking forward to those flu shots . . . A scoop of ice cream for every shot seems to work as a great motivator for little girls. It works better than "let's do it for Braden", though that will come into play. Baskin Robbins anyone?! We hate being paranoid about germs but it is a definite reality with all the fun bugs going around. This is an area where we have to do our best and just trust the Lord with every day. Some things we can control and some we can't, but we do have to LIVE LIFE and not be completely house bound! This would be an area to pray for our family and especially Braden: a healthy fall and winter, spring for that matter too!

Thank you for your continued prayers, well wishes, and interest in Braden progress. We are amazed by our miracle baby and our amazing, loving God. His mercies to our family still awe us. Concerns for the future all filter through the Lord's faithfulness of the past. He was with us then, and will be with us today and tomorrow. It is good to live with that peace of mind.

-Jenni and family