Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy 2010!

We are in the new year and life is good! Braden is doing sooooo well! Our Thanksgiving at home and Christmas with family were both wonderful times of celebration and times of thanking the Lord for his faithfulness over the past year. And now, here we are, in the new year.

Life is full speed with four kids. I half jokingly mentioned to a friend that I am still getting used to being mommy to four, but seriously, the first year with Braden was so intense with surgeries, hospitalization, recovery, and doctor visits. Nothing felt "normal". Now we are busy again with school and church activites. Braden even gets to come to Sunday service now, but he still gets his hands washed frequently to avoid illness. That being said, he has been extremely healthy.

Braden is walking (running) now and into EVERYTHING. He's making mommy a little nuts! He really misses his sisters during the school day and that is actually when he gets into things the most. He has discovered the kitties and dog and they have learned to avoid him. We are working on "nice hands" with the pets and the patting becomes slightly less painful looking. Braden has also learned to straight-arm his sisters when he has had enough mothering and kisses. Most of the time he is very affectionate.

Check out our most recent pictures at Love that boy! We are blessed with wonderful kids. God is good.

-Darth & Jenni