Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, so most of you have realized that Braden must be doing well and we are back to our crazy, busy "normal", since there are NO blog entries for the entire month of June! And you are correct. Braden is doing just wonderful. He now weighs over 14 pounds, is sitting up, clapping, blowing raspberries, and working on a very interesting crawl. It involves hiking his bottom into the air, while his head and chest are down and scooping forward on his face. (?) We will be working on that. He is eating simple foods, his favorites being sweet potatoes, peas with olive oil (recommended by the pediatrician for extra calories), and pureed fruits. Braden will turn 8 months old on the eighth of this month. He is finally into 6-9 month clothes! His next appointment is a phone-in pacer check, which happens every two months. He doesn't see the cardiologist again until November. Wow!

The girls are out of school for summer break and the house is very noisy these days. Braden's naps aren't as long due to the constant action. He is well entertained however. I can't believe the sisters haven't developed major bald patches on the sides of their heads. He pulls our handfuls of hair all the time. Thankfully they have hair to spare, but the vacuum is getting a work out.

This is an interesting season for us. It was just one year ago that we found out about Braden's heart defects and our world changed forever. We are feeling rather emotional---emotions of gratitude, and yet at the same time, remembering is bringing back emotions we were feeling then but were too in shock to deal with.

Today we can say we have a beautiful little boy who is a miracle. He is the happiest little guy, it just amazes us how joyful he is. Our girls have grown so much over the past year as well, and the power of prayer has really been cemented into their little minds. They know Jesus healed their brother.

We have been taking oodles of pictures but are not organized enough to manage to post them, so feel free to check out Braden's latest photo shoot, with cameo appearances of the Creek girls, Thank you for your continued interest in our son and your prayers for him and our family. We serve a mighty God and anything is possible with Him.

Jenni and family