Monday, August 18, 2008

August Update

On August 14, Darth and I were back at the University of Washington for another ultrasound and OB appointment. It was a long day of appointments, but overall the consensus was that Braden is growing and that I am healthy and growing as well! It was good to have that positive news.

It sounds like I will be induced a bit early, just to make sure everything and everyone will be in place to receive our little guy. Though I am not too excited about that, not being a huge fan of pitocin, it does look like the best option and will allow Darth and I to plan out "life" for our girls a bit better.

An interesting event from that day was we ran into a couple we know that is experiencing pregnancy challenges of their own. The OB clinic was running late so we sat and encouraged each other as only someone with experience can. Once in the patient room, Darth and I sat amazed at the way the Lord set up that very special time for us and the other couple. Now as we think of Braden, we are also praying for a miracle for that family and their unborn baby boy. This whole experience has been so humbling as we depend on the strength of Jesus Christ to give us the grace for each day as well as grace to extend to other hurting people. God is good.

On Friday, August 15, we were at Children's Hospital for another fetal echo cardiogram and consult with a pediatric cardiologist. Braden was very cooperative and held still for the pictures of his heart. We were very proud of him; usually he has what our youngest daughter Rachel calls a "party". The previous diagnosis was confirmed, though we were really hoping for our miracle. The cardiologist also expressed an interest in watching the growth of Braden's right ventricle. He called it "borderline normal" and wants to check again in a month. That kind of concerned Darth and I, but once we were back home we contacted our pediatrician and he reassured us that these specialists are looking for abnormal to help them prepare for how to best help Braden. Borderline normal is not cause to panic. Still we would appreciate your prayers on this specific issue, as well as continued prayer for his overall healing.

We are striving, with God's help, to walk by faith and not by sight. On the ultrasound and fetal echo cardiograms, we see the diagnosis with our eyes, the proof is visible. Yet, we know from God's Word and through our own experiences that we serve an amazing, powerful Creator who can do more than we ask or imagine. We are experiencing the peace of God and know people are praying. Thank you for walking this road with us. We are grateful.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New perspective

In my position as a worship pastor I have lead congregations in singing hundreds of choruses and hymns. I love to sing and play these melodies for the Lord. But there is one song in particular that has new meaning to me in light of Braden. The song is titled, "You are the one", by Lincoln Brewster and Paul Baloche. Here are the lyrics:

You're the One who made the heavens
You're the One who shaped the earth
You're the One who formed my heart
Long before my birth
I believe You'll always lead me
All my days have been ordained
All Your thoughts toward me are holy
Full of love and grace

You are the One You are holy
You are the One You are worthy
You are the One You are the One Everlasting
You are the One I will worship
You are the One I will serve all my days
You are the One You are the One Everlasting
You are the One
Jesus You're the One

Jenni and I know that Braden is still being formed, and our prayer is that when born, his heart will be healthy, whole and completely healed. We believe that Braden's days are ordained and that God has a purpose and plan for him. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Last week Jenni met with her doctor here in Wenatchee and everything looks good. Braden is growing and very active. Our girls have enjoyed feeling his kicks and somersaults! Next week we head back to the University of Washington and Children's Hospital for follow up appointments. I will post an update when we get back to Wenatchee.